the perils of war and politics

Ever heard of The White Helmets? If you haven’t, let me give you a short introduction. The White Helmets is an organization composed of civilian volunteers, bakers, engineers, firefighters, that rescues Syrian citizens in peril by the bombings. You may have heard of the Syrian bombings, maybe had watched a clip or two of the destruction in their place, or pictures of refugees, women, men and children fleeing and displaced by the war, or videos of children crying, comforting their brother or sister injured or worse, died. These are what the media are usually showing us. But behind those blood and dusts were brave men and women who are putting their lives on the line just to save even one soul from building rubble.

Why am I telling you this? I want to bring you back to the situation in our country. Nowadays, local media put emphasis on the extrajudicial killings happening all over the country. Critics bombard social media and others in different ways on their take about it, voicing out disagreement or cry for mercy on the men killed on the street. Yelling out human rights violation. Yet have they blurted out the same voice when these rapists and drug addicts raped and killed little girls, when these men destroyed families for their vices or worse, killing their whole family because they were on high. Where were the human rights advocates on these matters? I’m not saying I am on the extrajudicial killing side. Maybe there are other ways to deal with these, but what? As citizens of these country, we may criticize and voice out our disagreements but what can we do about this sickness in our society, as an individual.

With all these bodies laid on the streets, I feel like its much safer to walk on the street nowadays. Because I am confident that the President has the interest of his citizens in mind. I may not fully, wholeheartedly agree with his ways, but as the saying goes, ‘Give to Caesar what is due of him’. I voted for him, therefore I will stand with my decision and will support him the best I can.

This is to show that despite the negativity that’s being spread, there are always, even little bit of sunshine that glimmers through.

Kudos to The White Helmets.



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