We are having a sleepover at our school right now after an evening activity for the teachers. What transpired tonight was glorious and a pretty nice way to bond. I am also taking the opportunity to assess myself professionally. Admittedly, I am still and always is a work-in-progress. A few lapses here and there, overlapping duties, parent-teacher conflicts, policy confusion, etc. Grateful though I have a very capable mentor. Without her tutelage, my profession would have been in turmoil. Without her continued guidance and patience, I would have given up early on. I would want to acknowledge also my happy pills, my very understanding and considerate students. Being their adviser is not only a privilege but a blessing in itself. Imagine having kids who, without being asked to, would walk the extra mile just so I would not be put in a difficult situation. With those attitude, I don’t want to be mad at them, never been anyway. They are indeed my happy pill.

6 more months to go.



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