What’s wrong with our society nowadays?

At the airport, while I was waiting for my flight yesterday, I glanced upon what was shown on the TV. There was no sound, or no audio reached the part where I was seated since I’m about 5 meters away from the tube. What I saw was a kid about 5 years old applying make up on her face skillfully, and I mean, skillfully. She knows how to do it more than me. She was not even using the brush, just her fingers. Ghad.. It saddens me, not because she knew more than me, but because she is a kid for crying out loud. And its from a very popular Pinoy TV network. Ghad!! Is this what we are teaching our kids?? And then we hear complains about kids and teens who are uncontrollable and undisciplined. Now, where do these behavior sprung from?? Wkae up society. Think 5 years from now, 10 years. I wonder what our kids will be like. And I haven’t even touches technology/gadget use among kids and teens on this post (that’s for another post I suppose).



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