not a boring story for the week

So how is your week? A mere random and rhetoric question at the end of the work week.

So how is my week? Highlight?

On one of our class sharing, we tackled on big decision; making big decisions, what guided them to such decisions and such. Others shared on being asked where to spend their vacation, where to study next, what to do on weekends, etc. But one particular shared something that pierced through to me. “I have a constant choice whether to eat junk food now or not, whether to eat fish now since that is my viand everyday, or whether to eat chicken or not.” Classmates were criticizing him for such trivial things. “I know you won’t understand.” :(  You see, this kid is suffering from unexplained (in my own non-medical self) mild allergies for more than a year now. Early this school year, on the 2nd week of our classes, the kid was feeling weak, immune system low and allergies slowly coming back. The doctor gave the kid a choice of whether to have hospital stay for a week and school for another week. Or house stay for the whole school year. Either is not favorable. So the kid keeps eating the same viand and drinks the prescribed meds and vitamins in the hope that it will get this kid ’til the next check up. The kid sometimes feel weak in class, but instead of telling the mother about it, the kid would ask me not to tell her cause she might let her child stay home the next day, my kid doesn’t like it. This kid faces difficult dilemma at that age than I was a decade ago.

This one pierced through to me, this week. One I will always be reminded of as long as the kid is still with me, in my class.



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