new school year, new challenges

I am back to preschool again. But somehow, I am a bit struggling when the school year started. Considering that the kids are still in vacation mode, I still can’t get a grip on what to do and how to do it. I am a bit confused on the method as these kids nowadays are still not quite school ready. Patience, patience.

My other class by the way is worse than my preschool. I guess Ican make excuses for my preschoolers since they are kids. These 6th graders I have, I can’t think of any, or else I might end up tolerating their low mathematucal ability. At 6th grade, I expect them to be fluent in the 4 basic math operations, but they are not. And its pulling us behind. At times even, during our class discussions, they would wait on me to tell them what to do i stead of them thinking of ways to solve their math problems. Has their generation gotten used to spoon-feeding like this? It saddens me a lot, and discourages me. I wish the next generation would be not as used to spoon-feeding as these kids. Patience, my dear. Patience. They’ll get there, somehow.

My students last year were all doing good. And most of them, even excelled in their own schools. Thank God for that.



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