my kids’ opinion on our president

I recently gave my kids a quiz in Language. Since the 2nd page was just halfway filled, I put some space for them to write some words on our president. Here are some of it, verbatim:

President Duterte is a good man. He will help the people to be good. And he loves our country very much. I like our new president now. I’m also happy now he will also clean the government to save people’s lives. President Duterte is very good man. I’m happy for him I will always follow his rules. And I will be a nice person too. (Tresha)

Our new president is a good person and but sometimes he is saying bad words and I don’t like to hear it but he, our president will change his mind and never say “bad words” again and he is so brave, good, helpful, and he has fear of the Lord. And that’s how I like to our new president in the Philippines. (Ada)

Duterte is strict and a bisaya person. He is a good president. Doesn’t like drugs and crimes. He kill person who do drugs and crimes. He is a mayor of Davao. He lives in Davao. He is kind and love the country. He serve the country. He help the country. He is an amazing president. He is not a bad president. He is a good person. Always keep on eye on the country. He made the Davao clean. He is not that strict. He doesn’t give up. He also go to Davao. (Andrea)

Our new president is strict and brave his name was President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. His job prevent crimes and drugs. President Duterte gives us safely and peace. Sometimes his says bad words. And I’m glad President Duterte was our new President and he is strict. I want our president in strict because our president our president work hard to make our country peaceful. (Ashlea)

President Duterte is an awesome person. As a president he can make the laws, always on TV. He can make different money like 30pesos and that what can I say about are new president. But the important thing is he got elected to be president of the Philippines. (Ryan)

What I can say about our new president Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte is that he is the 16th president. Before he became the president of the Philippines he was once the mayor of Davao City. He was voted by people so that Philippines won’t be under corruption. President Duterte is now facing against the Chinese. (Bea)



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