my day, yesterday

Yesterday was the World’s Teachers Day, no elaborate celebration, no programs or even a break from work. But who needs it anyway when my kids were the ones who initiated the card-giving that they hastily made out from scratch papers even. Others brought chocolates and long-stemmed roses, which they readily gave upon their arrival. What made me really smile yesterday was the help that my Syrian student did with my therapy kid. Initially, he was there to ask for some ointment for his wound.  On the contrary, I think he was just there to escape from his other subject. Though, his time with me was not in vain. When my therapy student had a difficulty comprehending the math problem, he animatedly helped him think. When my therapy student had to think of a word that has the same sound, he thought of a word and acted it out for him to guess. In a way, he had made me smile as well. This in itself is a very appreciated Teachers Day gift, not material, not anything bought, but something that which was dedicated with a heart. Typical therapy session for me was a struggle;  a struggle to squeeze out some answers from my students who have difficulty in comprehension and thought processing.  Its like commanding a printing machine not connected to a computer to produce an output. Its all blank, nothing is there. (I wonder what they’re always thinking of. Or what goes on in that complex brain of theirs.) One of my beloved student also gave me a self-made card stating my personality and what I thought and shared to them; my achievements, knowledge and even my adventures. Although I don’t really like being at the receiving end of sweet words but what she gave me was truly awesome, beyond words, a stress reliever. These are the gift of teaching. Knowing that I had shared to these kids the character, lessons, wisdom and life adventures laid out to me and soon for them that they can carry through life. The lessons from their textbooks are also essential. But there are just some things which are not taught inside the four corners of the room.


At the moment, I am posting this inside NAIA3. I planned to make one while inside a plane but t’was so difficult to type with the jerking tight space. I had a great view this morning though since I asked for the window seat facing the sunrise.



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