my absence

It has been a while. Too many has happened since my last post; a lot of test papers review, coordinating, managing, all while teaching. And then there are our song practices, planning, coordinating and executing. A very busy month indeed. But I am thankful for the strength and sustenancr through all those.

One of the highlights last month was the mangrove planting at a nearby town. It was my first time and it was fulfilling. Although I did not plant even a single propagule seedling cause I was attending to an injured companion, I still had that feeling if fulfillment for having taken part and even just bringing about 50 teens and young adults to an activity such as that.

Then my 1-day escapade at Samal Island, a day tour and much swimming with friends who I also consider as family. I had been looking forward to it that having had experienced it vanishes all the bottled up desire in me to find an escape from my business. Then the next day, I had a little motorcycle accident. I only got abrasions in my palm and right knee. Other than that, I am so good. I will still backride in a motorcycle someday.

So back to school works nowadays. In fact, I am writing this post as I lay my body in one of our classroom since one of our classes had a retreat and I am asked to facilitate. So far, the kids had fun. I had fun. And looking forward to one more retreat before the school year ends.



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