fly is back

I really thought this site is gone, for good. I had been attempting to log in since March but I couldn’t got through. Although I had not been posting as much as I had or as much as I want, I still desire to have this site up and running. So here it is, my sort-of online journal, both publicly and privately posted.

So, what’s up?

Had been bored, but thankful and hoping this predicament will end soon. The pandemic is still at it, cases are still rising. So far, no local transmission yet is recorded here in our city of the virus. But that doesn’t merit me to be complacent, just being safe. Yesterday, I went to a local mall for some errands. Though there were public utility vehicles around, I still am anxious to ride in one because the commuters most of the time doesn’t regard social distancing. So, I walked for about 3 hours, stopping to drink cold water or juice or ice cream on sticks then continue with my journey. Towards the last kilometer of my walk, I had blisters on my ankle caused by the continuous friction of my shoes on my skin/ So I had to slow down my pace, angling my stance so the blisters won’t be touched. So I arrived home, feet still eager to walk more but I was getting sleepy. Nonetheless, mission accomplished.

I had work from home every now and then. Most of the time, just movie marathon and some editing done. I was done with my March duties, prepping up for the next school year wherein it’ll gonna be a new set up with the pandemic still on and social distancing is still widely advised. Praying this’ll end soon. I hadn’t had a proper goodbye to my graduating class, no programs or anything.

Though we see the that government is doing what they can to flatten the curve and prevent anybody from contracting the virus. But, as stubborn Filipinos are, some are really helping the government to fail and it is frustrating and annoying. More annoying is when I hear or read from the news that it is a politician who is also representing the government as a whole is even working against the success of the government in the midst of this pandemic. Just so annoying.

Anyway, with the cancellation of social gatherings, we had since switched to online worship services. Not my forte, but I am asked to be at front. Though for one, I had only used my voice and the next, it’ll be my turn to greet the online viewers, not my forte indeed. We gotta do what we gotta do.

What have you been up to?



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