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the merry month of December

Though I started the first day of this month making lines and notes on my book for my Master’s assignment, still I anticipate to have a merry month after these requirements will be done and submitted. Keeping in mind that this too shall pass. Looking forward to restful sleep for

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A FEAT!!!! Congratulations to me, for someone who writes/blogs/posts for leisure. Somehow, I’m a bit busy these days, lesser sleep time and more school time than usual for this school year. But this is just for this week, the last and the next as I am helping dear co-teachers, lessening

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currently watching: CASPER

I remembered watching this movie in the local movie house from my saved allowance. I think this may have been the first movie I watched from my own money. I can’t remember though what led me to watch this movie, influence from my classmates maybe. And from then on, it

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political rambling

I am not a political person, even confesses to being apolitical. And I will only be talking about this once in a lifetime, if not once in a while. But just saying. I would have preferred to see Binay submitting to his President even if he doesn’t want to. If

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movie rerun

Spirit, who could not be broken. It is a line from the animated movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. I had always liked this movie since 2004, I think, when I first saw this at Negros Occidental. And if I can, I’d look it up and watch it at Youtube

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