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my kids’ opinion on our president

I recently gave my kids a quiz in Language. Since the 2nd page was just halfway filled, I put some space for them to write some words on our president. Here are some of it, verbatim: President Duterte is a good man. He will help the people to be good.

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LOVE is.. – according to my kids

Love is nice Love is tired Love is cake Love is stop Love is good Love is curious Love is interesting Love is useless Love is from the heart Love is wonderful Love is pretty Love is romantic Love is color red Love is from your parents Love is an

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once in 4 years

I have no intention of going with the crowd. When I woke up this morning, realizing that we have no class today, I know I had to be productive with my no-work day. I decluttered my messy bed, made some errands and finished reading a reference of my Master’s assignment. 6

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time check – 1:23AM

I did not notice the time. This spells trouble, really, as I will be waking up early later for an 8AM class. And I had been sleep deprived for 3 nights now. Honestly, I had been carried away by David Foster’s concerts on Youtube. I better hit the sack now.

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share happy thoughts

I had been asked by a friend who reads my blog posts every now and then why I have privately posted entries. Well. Just so you know. If you would look back at my posts, I usually share publicly here a little about what’s happening in my life, my adventures,

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