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We are having a sleepover at our school right now after an evening activity for the teachers. What transpired tonight was glorious and a pretty nice way to bond. I am also taking the opportunity to assess myself professionally. Admittedly, I am still and always is a work-in-progress. A few

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not a boring story for the week

So how is your week? A mere random and rhetoric question at the end of the work week. So how is my week? Highlight? On one of our class sharing, we tackled on big decision; making big decisions, what guided them to such decisions and such. Others shared on being

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a bit melancholic tonight

Life is indeed fleeting. As of this post, my sister is at our dining area watching anime while I am in my room taking a break from test paper making and checking and reviewing my co-teacher’s papers. Months from now, my sister may be living away from me again. And

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