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sleep is so good

The famous line, “sleep is for the weak” is so wrong. In my previous posts, specifically posts of the previous year, mentions were made of my chronic lack of sleep. This year, it seemed that my body is giving way to my sleep. I am always sleepy, my head is

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my absence

It has been a while. Too many has happened since my last post; a lot of test papers review, coordinating, managing, all while teaching. And then there are our song practices, planning, coordinating and executing. A very busy month indeed. But I am thankful for the strength and sustenancr through

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600th post

Yhey!! Achievement, one post at a time. And HAPPY TEACHERS DAY to me today. This profession that I chose and am enjoying. Hehe.. What more can I say? My head is still heavy right now, more like floating. I had been to Kiara for my dear friend’s burial and back

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