another class, another feat

Tomorrow will be the last day I can be with my darling kiddos. I can’t contain my separation anxiety knowing that these 4 walls will be empty of laughter, of smiles, of talks, of cries, of voices nudging me for help or even just to be held and hugged. Despite their boisterous plays, I will still miss them. I have seen them grow, I have seen them learn. And every achievement they have, every step up the ladder is a joy to me, how much more to their parents. They started out in my class as emerging readers. Now, they could read a 1st grader story without much pauses. They could answer thought-provoking questions directly and with clarity. It gives me happiness when they think first before they respond, before they move or even before they answer. Thinking, is important. So glad to be part of their development, so glad to see them improve and so glad to let them go into a higher pedestal knowing they are so ready for it. It is indeed a feat. I will truly miss my kiddos.



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