a teacher ranting

We’re halfway through the school year. Though I am aware that it is my responsibility to teach well and help the kids learn, it is also frustrating to note that while I am working hard for them to understand and have their knowledge in my subject be at par with their level, they are the ones unmotivated to improve, to learn or even to have better grades. So even if how many examples I show or push my voice out, it’ll be futile. I had even gone given them concepts and examples 1 level lower than they are now, yet to no avail. The story is still the same, “Teacher, you’re Math is so hard”, “Teacher, can you just give us easy ones, the ones that we can easily answer?”. What is with this generation (not in general though)? They are even so lucky to have gadgets that they can always consult to, but their thinking and critical skills are inversely developing, IT IS DETERIORATING. Given a single problem, their response is a complain. How does complaining help you in your school work by the way? And even as a student you complain about demanding schoolworks, how would you deal about your mountaneous work task and demanding bosses? Think about your future. Lucky for you if by then some food would readily be served to your table even without working for it. But, would you be living that kind of life in the future? It is indeed frustrating. Not saying that my generation is better, it’s not. But I do wish they would value their present situation instead of have an air of entitlement.


A student of mine this year approached me during his removal test, “Teacher, can you teach me the answer to this word problem?” Grrrr….



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