a combination of crime tv series and civics curriculum making


As a kid, who do you consider as a hero? DefineĀ hero?

Society usually and always consider soldiers as heroes. How about the policemen? And teachers, the insulted heroes, not unsung as always, blamed even. Soldiers, policemen, teachers, traffic enforcers, farmers, any profession it might be, is a hero. Like, a person doesn’t have to sacrifice his or her life to death to be consider as one. My parents are my heroes. Not their profession, but their role in my life. I am a teacher ans a volunteer youth worker, I am well aware of the things I sacrifice day by day. It goes unrecognized, I go everyday talking to friends without them being aware of my bruised feet, weary brain and tiring day. Yet, there I was, with them. Not wanting to be recognized but just want to make a point. The choice of a hero is a personal choice. Heck, I’d even consider a student of mine a hero.

Forgive my topic, must be greatly influenced by American TV series and the Civics subject curriculum I have on my laptop screen right now. ?



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