a bit melancholic tonight

Life is indeed fleeting.

As of this post, my sister is at our dining area watching anime while I am in my room taking a break from test paper making and checking and reviewing my co-teacher’s papers. Months from now, my sister may be living away from me again. And I will miss seeing her there or her knocking on my room just so she can say ‘ate’.

As I am making my test papers a while ago, I was watching a movie on the other side of my screen. The movie reminded me about life, in general. Flashback of a deceased best friend, tummy grumbling, brain squeezed out, and this life, unpredictable, fleeting, precious, yet frustrating at times. The beauty of it and the color it brings. It is a perspective. Should I dwell on the frustrations it brings? Or focus on the rainbow? Life is a series of choices.

Right now, I am hungry and caffeine is wearing off. Another day to continue working come sunrise.

A line from the movie says, “You are different and different scares people .”

(Oh, must be due to the combination of overthinking and multitasking and not the effect of caffeine.)



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