11 hours and counting

I had been trying to start with my paper for the past 11 hours now with only the title page done, has not even started with a title yet. I am definitely just wasting my time. But what do I write? Hasn’t even made up my mind on this. All I know is that I want something done tonight. I don’t want to procrastinate.  :(

My mind is definitely not here. I had been resting for some time now. Been on this casted feet for more than a month and I am definitely, truly thankful for the rest and break from my weekend Masters obligation. Though I had been absent from my classes, requirements, reports and quizzes had piled up and are waiting for me. And I will be back this weekend, so I’d better be prepared for this.

legYes, my right leg is on a cast. I had a little mudslip accident more than a month ago that I thought was only a sprain but the Ortho doc saw a fractured bone near my ankle. So for it to heal fast and to be sure that it would indeed be healed, the Ortho doc advised that it be put on a cast. I may not have liked it, but I deemed it necessary. Through out the ordeal, never did I feel down about it. Well, except when my skin gets itchy and I can’t scratch it because it is surrounded with this hard, white, winter boots that won’t come out when I want to. Hehe… But really, at least I had a break and some rest time from work and Masters. My triceps had gotten stronger and harder from, I call it ‘weight lifting’, cause literally I had to carry my weight on my crutches to get somewhere. Crutches had become my bestfriend and a necessary accessory for me through this injury. I had even got back to work on this. Well, I had to use my laptop for my lectures and instructions, resorting to incorporating videos and using slideshows for my discussion and much sitting down. My students are even the kindest kids there are, they wouldn’t want me to stand or walk around in the room using my crutches. Even I do, at times, they are always ready to assist me, such as clearing or moving their chair so I can pass from where I am sitting to the door or the board, without me asking them. This week, one of my kid had done something so sweet to me. He borrowed my cabinet key because he wanted to borrow the lotion I bought for him for his allergies. When he came back, he has brought me 2 cans of my favorite coffee and the lotion, which I am also using now. I consider it sweet, isn’t it? And they would even have their lunch at my temporary room, the room I had been using now on the ground floor level, since I wouldn’t risk going to the 3rd floor which I haven’t visited yet until now. I am expecting there would be a thick cloud of dust there by now. Bad. My next appointment will be on Monday and I can’t wait to get out of this, again, hard, white, winter boots and be back to my walking self again. At one point even, I wondered if I would still know how to walk or should I relearn it after this cast be taken off. I wish it’ll be smooth. Anyway, this is a great experience nonetheless. Having have to wear a cast, use crutches to get somewhere for a time, even went to Ayala mall twice with my beloved bro with these and didn’t mind strangers’ stares or judgement and not.  None to mention, this is the 3rd time in my life that I had broken, rather, fractured a bone. Hehe..



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